Legal Helpline for Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals

As a Member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals ("CAAMP") insurance program you have access to a legal helpline administered by lawyers at Lloyd Burns McInnis LLP.

LEGAL HELPLINE: 1-844-304-7906

Upon calling the toll free number above, you will be directed to a lawyer at Lloyd Burns McInnis LLP specializing in professional liability and negligence law.

Members should have their insurance particulars readily available, as well as a concise summary of the pertinent facts and issues. All records will be maintained by Lloyd Burns McInnis LLP. Limited information about the calls can be shared with the insurance program administrators, upon request. However, solicitor-client privilege rules will apply to all conversations administered through the legal helpline.


The helpline is intended to provide summary, preventative legal advice pertaining to professional conduct issues that could otherwise result in disciplinary complaints or malpractice actions.

The helpline does not provide legal advice to other types of legal issues, such as employment contract negotiations, contract review, or other issues which do not have implications for disciplinary or malpractice actions.

Please note: If you have already received a notice of complaint or lawsuit, you should contact your insurance broker. We are not agents of your insurance broker, thus should you become aware of an actual complaint, your insurance broker should be contacted directly. Furthermore, any questions about insurance policies including types of coverage, or limit amounts, should be directed to your insurance broker.


We have created an FAQ page for the exclusive use of CAAMP Members. It lists answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to professional liability issues. Please ask us about this service, or contact us for the password.


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